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                                Installation Method of High Precision Linear Guideway (1)


                                With the continuous rise of precision industry, the application of high-precision linear guides is gradually becoming widespread. In addition to the high precision of the linear guide rail itself, there are also certain skills for the installation of the guide rail. Installing it in place can help improve the lifespan and accuracy of the guide rail.

                                The installation method of Pengyin Precision (PYG, SLOPES) guide rails should be determined based on the impact force, vibration level, required walking accuracy, and the limitations of the machine itself.

                                1、 Fixed method

                                When the machine is subjected to impact and vibration, if the linear guide rail is not properly fixed, it is likely to cause the guide rail and slider to deviate from their original positions, thereby affecting the precision of use. So our commonly used fixation methods include: fixed screw fixation, roller fixation, pressing plate fixation, and push pull fixation.

                                2、 Installation of linear guide rail

                                The installation of linear guide rails requires following certain steps

                                1. Remove oil stains, dust, etc. from the assembly surface of the machine.

                                2. Place the linear guide rail smoothly and gently on the machine, while the side reference plane of the linear guide rail should be aligned with the assembly surface of the machine

                                3. Try to lock the assembly screws to confirm if the bolt holes match, and also try to fix the reference plane at the bottom of the linear guide rail to the machine assembly surface.
                                4. Use lateral fixing screws to fix the position of the linear guide rail by pressing against the reference plane on the side of the linear guide rail and the assembly surface on the machine side.
                                5. Use a torque wrench to tighten the assembly screws according to the specific torque, while keeping the bottom reference plane of the linear guide rail and the bottom assembly surface of the machine as seamless as possible.
                                The next article will cover the installation of linear guide rails without lateral fixing screws


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