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                                Pengyin Precision Appears at Yuhuan International Machine Tool Exhibition, Receiving Over 100 Customers


                                On November 21st, the 19th China (Yuhuan) International Machine Tool Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. The four-day exhibition attracted over 40000 visitors and purchasers. After being invited to participate, Pengyin Precision received attention from customers from multiple cooperative industries such as laser, photovoltaic, and packaging manufacturing. On the first day of the exhibition, the booth was fully booked, and during the exhibition period

                                We have received over a hundred customers in total.


                                Based on the new trend of "accelerating the formation of a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other", Pengyin Precision has also made its debut with seven series of enterprise products.

                                They are:

                                PHG series: steel ball heavy-duty type

                                PEG series: steel ball type low assembly type

                                PQE series: steel ball chain belt type low assembly type

                                PQH series: steel ball chain belt heavy load type

                                PMG series: steel ball micro size

                                PRG series: roller type heavy-duty type

                                PQR series: roller chain belt type heavy-duty type

                                Full series: self lubricating type with oil box

                                Full series: surface coating anti rust type

                                Full series: High temperature resistant

                                Due to the numerous local CNC machine tool enterprises in Yuhuan, the roller guide series has been consulted the most frequently. At the same time, in the Pengyin precision service industry, the PHG series is commonly used in the laser industry, while the photovoltaic industry requires a wider variety of products, including PHG, PRG, PEG, and PQR series.

                                In order to better serve the mechanical manufacturing industry in mainland China, Pengyin Precision has moved from Taiwan to the mainland and established a manufacturing base in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. More than 20 years of technological accumulation have enabled Pengyin Precision to mass produce ultra-high precision linear guide rail pairs with walking accuracy less than 0.003mm. At the same time, the development of product technology that keeps up with the times has also led Pengyin to always stay at the customer's demand point.

                                Jinyun Laser, Wuhan Huagong, Wuhan Huaru, Robotech, Yongchuang Intelligent, Kastar CNC... Pengyin Precision's products are gradually known and trusted by everyone, and Pengyin Precision will continue to learn and improve to deliver more satisfactory works for everyone.


                                We provide you with the following service process

                                Pre sales consultation

                                Provide detailed specifications of products for you to choose from

                                Product customization

                                Diversified specifications and sufficient inventory

                                Installation guidance

                                Provide guide for the use and installation of guide rails

                                Logistics delivery

                                Immediately arrange picking after placing an order, ensuring quality

                                After-sales Consulting

                                Promptly answer any product after-sales questions for you

                                Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship and relying on excellent technical strength
                                Committed to providing you with better linear guide rail series products

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