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                                How should linear guides be selected?


                                How to select a linear guide rail to avoid not meeting technical requirements or excessively wasting procurement costs? Here are four steps you need to remember:

                                Step 1: Determine the rail width

                                Determine the width of the slide rail, which is one of the key factors determining its load size. Pengyin's linear guide rail is designed based on the width of the slide rail as the standard for model specifications.

                                Step 2: Determine the trajectory

                                Determine the degree of the slide rail, which is the total length of the rail, not the stroke. The following formula for selecting the degree of slide rail must be remembered! Full stroke=effective stroke+slider spacing (2 or more sliders)+slider degree × The number of sliders+the safety stroke at both ends. If protective covers are added, the compression degree of the protective covers at both ends needs to be added.

                                Step 3: Determine the type and quantity of sliders

                                Pengyin usually produces two types of sliders: flange type and square type. The flange type has a lower height but a wider width, and the installation hole is through the threaded hole. The square type is higher and narrower, and the installation hole is a threaded blind hole. The number of sliders should be determined by the customer through actual calculation. Follow a principle: from less to bearable, to more to installable.

                                The type and quantity of sliders and the width of the slide rails constitute the three elements of load size.

                                Step 4: Determine the accuracy level

                                At present, the commonly used accuracy levels in the market are C level (ordinary level), H level (advanced level), and P level (precision level). For most industrial machinery, ordinary level accuracy can meet the requirements, and higher level equipment such as CNC machine tools can choose H-level.

                                In addition to the four main parameters mentioned above, it is also necessary to determine actual factors such as the combination height type and preloading level.

                                The above is the relevant content that Pengyin Technology has brought to you about "How should linear guide rails be selected?" If you have any questions, welcome new and old customers to inquire! Looking forward to your call!


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