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                                Introduction to Pengyin Precision Brand

                                Zhejiang Pengyin Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in the important advanced manufacturing center of China - the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt, and is the production base of Taiwan Pengyin Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. in mainland China.

                                Since its establishment, Pengyin Technology has always adhered to the spirit of "craftsmanship". With more than 20 years of research and development and production technology accumulation in the founding team of transmission precision components, combined with the innovative research and development team and core values of Taiwan Pengyin Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., Pengyin Technology has rapidly risen in the domestic manufacturing industry and developed into a technology-based enterprise that integrates the research and development of special steel profiles, precision linear guide rail pairs, and precision linear motor modules.

                                At the same time, the company has introduced internationally advanced precision equipment and technology, which can mass produce linear guide pairs with walking accuracy less than 0.003mm. It is one of the rare enterprises in the industry with the ability to produce ultra-high precision linear guide rails.

                                The company's "SLOPES" brand products have established a good reputation in the industry with a strong quality assurance system and high-quality service concept in a short period of time, forming a significant influence.

                                Carefully create every precision transmission component

                                • Honesty is the best

                                  Be trustworthy and responsible to others,

                                  With a sincere heart, do things of faith and righteousness.

                                • uphold fundamental

                                  It is neither conservative nor innovative,

                                  Persist in seeking progress while maintaining stability and continuously improve

                                • Simple and efficient

                                  The system, process, and behavioral norms are simple and clear,

                                  Business development follows efficiency

                                • Sunshine and Honesty

                                  Transparent mechanism, seeking truth from facts,

                                  Be honest with others, oneself, and the world

                                • Maintain composure

                                  Can withstand loneliness and temptation,

                                  Always pursue high-quality growth

                                • Continuous learning

                                  The development of a company depends on the growth of its employees,

                                  Companies are better when their employees are better

                                We provide you with the following service process

                                Pre sales consultation

                                Provide detailed specifications of products for you to choose from

                                Product customization

                                Diversified specifications and sufficient inventory

                                Installation guidance

                                Provide guide for the use and installation of guide rails

                                Logistics delivery

                                Immediately arrange picking after placing an order, ensuring quality

                                After-sales Consulting

                                Promptly answer any product after-sales questions for you

                                Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship and relying on excellent technical strength
                                Committed to providing you with better linear guide rail series products

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                                Company Address

                                Service hotline
                                199 5731 6665


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